Order Procedure


That’s Why We’ve Done This For You…

As you know - when you go to town you have a certain number of tasks to complete. Your list is always long and you’re always pushing for time. Last on the list is new work clothing and if it gets missed you just wait for the next visit to town. You don't have time to look for suitable working gear, sort sizing, and, if you want - organise your logo to be branded on to the apparel, let alone find where to go to get that done.

Now We Make it Easy For You

1) You view the products online

2) You order by clicking on the item, size and colour you want.

Send it to the shopping cart by clicking the “Add to cart” button

3) When completed - click on the shopping cart. Check that it’s correct. Make adjustments if needed. Fill in the account page information. Put in your credit card details.

4) If you require a sample - we can send you samples to check size and colour etc. Just click on the ‘Sample Order’ button from the drop down menu at the checkout stage.

5) Your order will then be completed and charged as per payment method selected.

6) All Done (without even leaving the farm)


You can return or exchange the samples for different colours or sizes or return to us to brand with your logo, then once completed, we’ll send back to you. We supply a Return Pre-Addressed Label, to place onto the return package, for which you will be charged the small courier fee to your Credit Card or Debit Card. Returns must be completed within the time frame (2 weeks) and procedure stated in the RETURN PROCEDURES & REQUIREMENTS