Sizing, Measuring & Samples

How to Measure:

Don’t buy the wrong size; measuring yourself is easy, and will save you the hassle of having to exchange an ill-fitting item.

Each product has its own specific size chart as various fabrics and styles fit differently.

  • Keep the tape measure straight, level and snug against the body, but not tight.

  • If the measurement is on the borderline of sizes, we suggest choosing the larger size.

  • Measure over light clothing or underwear to get an accurate measurement.

  • Keep your body upright and measure while breathing naturally.

  • If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and measure it using a ruler.


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This service is what makes this procedure easy and very convenient for you. Because of this, we ask for your help. Please open the clothing bags carefully when they arrive so they are not damaged and can be reused and repacked if product is to be returned for a different size etc. Please do not remove the sizing labels from the items and return the samples in the correct bags with all the pieces included.

We are very happy to send out samples for checking Styles, Colour and Sizes.

We use the “GOLDILOCKS PRINCIPLE”                                                                                       

We send you an alternating sample size range. If a Medium (M) is too Small and an Extra Large (XL) is too big --- then the Large (L) is the size for you.

Require larger sizes – No problem, same principle. If an Extra Large (XL) is too Small and an Extra Extra Extra Large (3XL) is too big then an Extra Extra Large (2XL) is for you.

Same process for the women’s sizing.